Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ride the Wave

Sorry for not posting much. I was actually kinda bummed out that I was rejected from SVA for the grad program. (Still kinda hurts to type that out)
Anyway, I'm back in action (wounded but mobile) and posting some sketches from the subway and bus since my last post.


Mark said...

This is really great work. Thanks for giving beauty and dignity to the people that use the subway as a home.

Jeremiah said...

Just found your blog today by clicking the "Next Blog" button. I think this work is outstanding....great depth in the faces. They're also very emotive. To my (unschooled) eye, this looks very much like the kind of work I see in comic and anime books.

I've added your RSS feed, too.



Ajani said...

mark> Thanks, I feel that there is definitely a beauty to the people that I draw on the train. I'm quite fascinated by the people that I choose to draw.

jeremiah> Thanks, and I'm happy that you found my blog. I would say that my style is comic influenced, I hope someday I might have an opportunity to create my own comics/graphic novels.

Cara Lynn said...

These are just great. I don't know how you have such steady hands on these rocky rides.

I'm sorry to hear about the rejection but don't be discouraged. I've heard it can take applying and re-applying (and more re-applying) to get into select grad programs even when you are super talented and skilled.