Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Late Updaters Anonymous

Hello, my name is Ajani...
*Deep breath*

...and I'm a late updater.

I can tell you that I've been really busy, and it's hard to manage things while getting adjusted to a foreign country, along with a million other excuses.
But the fact is that It's been more than a month since I've updated, and I'm behind on so many things.

I hope I can really be on the ball with things from now on, but I can't make that promise really. I am having a lot of issues here, and my environs are not as suited as I would like them to be for updating this blog.

In any case, it's not all for naught, and I do and will continue to update. I just don't want to disappoint people and say that I'll update every week to have some crazy event happen that prevents me from doing so.

The bottom line is, that I am here, I am updating. Don't give up hope, there is a bright future for this blog, I just have to work out a lot of kinks in my own life and get myself back into things the way they were before.

Alright, so enough of that...without further ado, I present the sketches.

If you weren't aware, part of the reason I'm so busy is because I teach middle school English here in Japan. The above picture was a sketch of the "Sports Day" practice session that they had in september.

One of my favorite sketches thus far. Guy is definitely getting his 40 winks.

I briefly (and I stress briefly) was going to a studio here and had an opportunity to make a few dozen prints of one of my sketches. It's not the best in my opinion, but it was a good experience. I like printmaking, but I just don't have time to do anything with it now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pittsburgh Bus

I went back to visit NYC last weekend and was somewhat shocked to realize how truly smooth the subway ride is. Here at home in Pittsburgh, the weather has dropped below freezing and I have begun getting around full time via bus. It is a bumpy, curvy ride not conducive to sketching but I have taken up bus photography so I can sketch people at home while looking at their photos on my computer. Here is the first of these sketches, a self portrait on an empty bus. 10"x12" pencil on cardboard from an ikea curtain.