Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The colors, the colors, Duke!

I should be more regular with these posts, but to tell you the truth my scanner is a bit clumsy and I've been busy with a lot of random things lately.

Anyway, more sketches for all to enjoy. You've probably noticed the changes in color throughout my posts. Well, I've been working with a Fabriano Artist's Journal, which goes through about 12 color changes within its span. It's a very nice sketchbook and I highly recommend it, but I think I'm about ready to go back to a moleskine or plain bound sketchbook with the run of the mill white pages.

Anyway, just letting you know, in case you were wondering. Enjoy.


Jeremiah said...

It's like R. Crumb and Stan Lee had a comic love-child.

Again, really awesome stuff. I'm so happy I found this blog. :)

Thank you for sharing your work.

Ajani said...

Thanks a lot jeremiah, I really appreciate the comments you leave for me. I'm happy that you like my drawings and hope you continue to enjoy them.