Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Low Ink

Some more sketches... if you don't know already, most if not all my sketches are on the A train. To me it's one of the most convenient trains to draw on in Manhattan, especially with the arrangement of the chairs (F,V, and D are similar). It allows me to draw with the least amount of interruption/attention, and I don't have to move too much if I want to get an interesting angle.

I actually would like to travel on some of the other trains more often, but it's usually out my way, and I don't have a lot of free time these days to do so. At least it would be nice for me, because I would get a new variety of people, shapes, etc.

Anyway, I'm good for now.

That said, I present more A-train drawings.

My ink started to run, out so things got a little rough, from this point on

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Jeremiah said...

The last two are great.

I'd really like to have some of these framed in my studio, someday. :)