Monday, August 24, 2009

Left overs from Fukuoka-July '09

I'm back from the United States, and I'm still recovering from my second dose of jet-lag.
The trip all in all was pretty good, although a bit busy. The best part was that I successfully printed my first book, a collection of my skectches from NYC (mostly from the subway, but a few just from my time in NYC too.)

I've sold and given away, all together, about 50 books, and have 50 more here that I will be selling/trading, mostly in Japan. However, I will sell/trade to anyone outside of Japan if they're willing to pay for shipping.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that all these books that I have on person have been/will be signed so to the lucky few that got one directly from me, if I happen to one day become famous/infamous you have yourself a collector's item.

Otherwise, if you're in the US/Canada it would be cheaper to have it printed and shipped directly from

...and here is the link. Just click on the button below and you can get it shipped directly to you.

If you would like to buy directly from me, please contact me at one of the following e-mail addresses:

Anyway, I'm quite content with this book and am glad that I finally got around to doing it. Though, I know it isn't perfect and I've already learned what I could improve on.

I also wish that this could've been the group book that I originally wanted to do, but my plans to keep this blog as a group showcase of sketches fell through a very long time ago (not any one person's fault by the way...).

With that said, the next one will be much better and I'll be studying more about self-publishing to improve on the quality and presentation of it all. So, look forward to the next edition, which I plan to finish towards the beginning of 2010.

Alright, on to the sketches. These are just some leftover sketches that I did before I left Fukuoka for NYC at the end of July. While in NYC I did a TON of sketches (over 100 or so) so I have plenty to post from now on, and I'll continue to draw when I can in Fukuoka.

Oh, and one more thing, I can never say thank you enough to everyone who views this blog and especially those who bought/ will buy book.



Anonymous said...

hey, great work! i was just wondering what type of pen and/or marker you use to make these sketches! i'm starting to sketch again, and i'm curious about it. Thanks!

Ajani said...

Thanks André! Mainly, I'm using a 0.9mm mechanical pencil (Pentel Tuff), brush pens, and a water brush pen at times.

The brush pens I use are a Pentel GFKP which uses waterproof ink and a Kuretake No.8 brush pen that uses sumi ink (or something that isn't waterproof). I usually use the Kuretake with the water brush pen to spread the ink around and create tones other than pure black.

Hope that helps!