Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Worn Out

Some more sketches from the subways of Osaka.

Living in Japan I've seen a whole new side of "tired."
I'm some how able to survive and get things done, but I'm just tired all the time.
Mentally fatigued, muscles worn, eyes droopy, every last inch of me is worn out.

And more than I, the people I see everyday often look exhausted...
All around me I hear words like "Tsukare" and "Shindoi" both words to express "tired," and both often heard and important vocabulary here.

So, witness my tired sketches.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ajani,
I hope everything is fine by now in Osaka and that you enjoy your time there :)
I just took a look at your portfolio and all your sketches in the subway. I really enjoyed. I do think you are talented. :)

Good luck with everything,
Xavier from France.

Ajani said...

Thanks Xavier, hope everything is going all right in France, maybe I'll have a chance to see you here next year.