Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hello all.

I apologize for being so behind on things.

Here's what happened...I moved to Japan.

Right now, I'm living in Osaka, Japan, and I'm teaching English as a new experience.

I've been here since mid-August, but it wasn't an easy thing to get through, and I kept neglecting to update. On top of that I didn't have internet until about a week ago. That was a nightmare...

So here I am, a little more adjusted to things in Japan, and ready to catchup with all the sketches I've made in the almost 2 months that I haven't been on this site.

But now that I'm in Japan, can this still be nycsubsketch?

Don't fret, because I will still update. Luckily, Japan has a great transportation system and I have to take the subway about everyday to get around.

So, I have a backlog of drawing, maybe 40-50 pages of stuff to post.

So first I'll start out with my drawings from Miami.
Unfortunately, Miami, does not have a very advanced or useful (Unless you live in Downtown Miami) transportation system.

In addition to this, Miami just had a whole different sense, so for the most part my sketches were at my friend's house. It was hard to draw on the train (Metrorail) because of the arrangement of the seats and people took notice to quickly because they probably haven't seen people do what I'm doing much and because people in Miami have a different attitude in relation to this stuff.

The firt two sketches were how I spent most my nights in Miami. I hung out with some of my highschool friends and watched them play videogames. I'm not very skilled at videogames but I still enjoy them, and I got some nice sketches from this.

It was a little hard to get sketches done on the Metrorail, bug I got something done. Besides not really being able to see, or there not being much choice of subjects...people seemed noticeably offended or bothered that I was drawing them.
That older lady in the top right was giving me a face like "what the hell are you staring at?" Maybe she was just in a bad mood.

Three middle aged ladies on their way back home.

A guy and his son who was looking out the window with his sister(I didn't finish the sister).

Also, I want to give a BIG BIG thanks to Cara and Ami for still updating when they can.
I understand that this is an extra thing for them, but this website is an important thing for me and I hope that it can give you guys something in the future.

I had some difficulty getting my self in order in Japan, but I have a lot of things to upload from here. That you guys still updated was a big push for me, and motivated me to get things back in shape as soon as possible.

I will upload more later. So stay tuned.

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