Monday, June 2, 2008

Back in Action

So, I was away for a while...a lot of things going on.
Interviews, birthday, freelance work, etc. I was stressed to hell so although I kept up with my sketching I didn't get around to scanning much.

Anyway, what matters is I'm back with sketches to show.

I forgot my brush pen a few times all except one were done with a ballpoint/gelpen.

A very nice pair, lately I've been a little more braver and just kept drawing even though they spotted me. I'm sure at this point I'm well known on the A-train and people just let me draw them without getting weirded out.

She was fidgeting with her phone...I'm not big on these super functional cell phones, but I'll probably be singing a different tune in a year or two.

From the 2 train. I went to the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum last weekend and this was on the way back.

Also from the 2 train. That guy near the top had such a great face, he probably would've been pissed if he caught me drawing him, but I'm so glad I had a decent view of him.

This was yesterday on the way home on the A-train.


Cush said...

I love your work...i'm just getting the knack for sketching right now, thanks to some local farmers, beleive it or not..

keep it up..

Ajani said...

Hey Cush,
Thanks a lot.
Your story sounds pretty interesting I'd really like to know how all that came up with the farmers...

I'd like too see you sketches.