Thursday, February 14, 2008

Numero Uno

Well, this is the first post of something that I've been wanting to do for a little while.

Since coming to New York about 2.5 years ago one of my favorite past times has been sketching the various characters that make up the New York city subway lines. I have over 10 sketchbooks filled with drawings, mostly made up of train sketches.

Recently I had come upon articles and blurbs in a few of the blogs that I reguarly read about other people who do the same thing as me. I was surprised, because although it seems like there were other people doing this I've only seen someone do this kind of thing once in a blue moon.

So, I set this collabrative blog up for people like me, who draw on NYC's subway. So far it's just me and Ami Plasse, but if you've come across this blog somehow and do this too, then by all means contact me through this blog or my portfolio website. I would really like to see as many people as possible contributing to this blog.

Well, with that said, on with the posting...

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